Highway Department Garage Needs

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Pre-Plowing Conditions

Trucks are stored outside 24x7x365. Typical operational startup routine includes clearing off snow, starting engines, clearing ice build ups out of sanders, hooking up plow equipment. This is all done outside day or night depending on when plows are called into service.

Salt Shack Loading

Plow trucks are in contact with harsh road salt which causes accelerated rust and equipment build up if not power washed after use. If temperatures remain below freezing, the trucks are unable to be power washed.

Front End Loader

The proposed Higway garage would be used to store various pieces of equipment including the front end loader. This unit, like the plow trucks, requires frequent power washing to remove road salt.

Plow Truck in Salt Shack

Here a plow truck is being loaded with road salt.

Equipment Storage Area

Other Highway Department equipment is stored out doors which often gets frozen to the ground and exposed to the elements.

Parking Area

Alternative view of equipment parking and storage area behind salt shack.

Enclosed area

All Highway operations are currently done in a small enclosed 'shed' portion of the salt shack.