PTV Technology Refresh

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Broadcast Rack

Rack of PTV broadcast equipment at Sherbune Hall.


2 of the high end studio cameras were redeployed to Sherbune Hall after other cameras failed. The annex studio now only has 1 camera.


The white cork board was moved from the Old Town Hall for pinning up presentations. Note the microphone at the top. Newer technology would allow clear video of the items posted.

Rear Cameras

These are redeployed very old portable cameras intended for close up work. When used in this fashion result in lower quality video broadcasts and VHS tape playback.


Speaker and monitor TV. The number 1 complaint in the existing hall is difficulty in hearing the proceedings. A technology refresh will update the sound system.

Typical Meeting

Typical layout of a public meeting that is being broadcast. Each table has a microphone.

Public Meeting

An overview of a public meeting format at Sherburne Hall. note the very large area between attendees, speaker locations, microphones, board members and the presentation area.