Article 12

Shall the Pelham School District vote to raise and appropriate the sum of  NINETY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($90,000).    Said sum of money being the amount necessary to remove, dispose of and purchase new replacement gymnasium bleachers at Pelham High School.        (Recommended by the Pelham School Board) (Recommended by the Pelham Budget Committee)


Originator School Board
School Board 5-0-0
Budget Committee 6-3-0
Town Meeting  

Voter's Guide Explanation

The article represents the replacement of the spectator bleachers located in the gymnasium of Pelham High School. The bleachers are original to the building. The bleachers have been inspected by a consulting engineering firm which concluded that they do not meet current building code requirements and should be upgraded. Passage of this article would allow for the removal and disposal of the existing bleachers and the installation of new bleachers that meet all building and safety code stipulations.

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Original bleaches in Pelham High School gym are showing their age with multiple repairs and wear.