Article 6

Shall the Pelham School District create a special education teacher/ case manager position to support students with disabilities at the Pelham Elementary School and raise and appropriate the sum of  FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($50,000) to fund the salary and benefits for the special education position. (Recommended by the Pelham School Board) (Recommended by the Pelham Budget Committee)


Originator School Board
School Board 5-0-0
Budget Committee 9-0-0
Town Meeting  

Voter's Guide Explanation

This article will allow for the hiring of an additional case manager/teacher at Pelham Elementary School. The average case load for a case manager at PES is 32.3 students. This number  is well above the average class size of 22-26 students at Pelham Elementary School. The addition of this position will lower the average to approximately 25.8 students. Over the last four years, the number of students requiring a case managerís services has increased by an average of 22.3%.

Backup Data

Since the latest research establishing the benefit of intensive reading instruction, and since the recent reading emphasis resulting from the No Child Left Behind initiative, a greater amount of intensive instruction time in the area of reading is being conducted by each case manager. The resource programs for all academic areas of reading, math and written language have significantly increased over the past few years, as well.
The increased numbers of students with more significant disabilities, those with oneóon óone instructional assistants and those with resource programs generally require more of the case managers time than is needed for students with less in involved disabilities or needs.

This tine is spent for the following:

  • Resource program academics

  • Consultation with staff and regular classroom teachers

  • Larger teams for programming

  • Larger teams for crisis intervention

  • Larger teams for monitoring

  • Greater time for crisis intervention and readiness with walkie-talkie

  • Greater degree of classroom accommodations

  • Greater time planning with classroom teachers

  • Significant amount of time managing instructional assistants

  • Significant amount of time scheduling for self and instructional assistant

  • Significant increase in parent meeting time

  • Significant increase in assessment administration time

  • Increase in documentation and general legal paperwork

Special Education Teacher/Case Manager Responsibilities:

  • Provide direct supplemental/remedial instruction to students in accordance with Individualized Education Plans and/or placement requirements.

  • Ensure that that each studentís case activities are conducted in accordance with the special education procedures as outlined in federal and state rules/regulations.

  • Through the special education team process, ensure that each student with an educational disability has an Individualized Education Plan and special education placement appropriate to meet his or her unique educational needs.

  • Conduct standardized, criterion referenced, or informal evaluations needed to assess the overall needs of students.

  • Collaborate with classroom teachers and related service providers to assess and monitor student progress, and report in writing on progress toward IEP goals at least as often as standard report cards are issued.

  • Consult with classroom teachers and related service providers to facilitate and ensure proper implementation of accommodations, modifications and other IEP requirements.

  • Monitor the educational programs of students; call team meetings as necessary to problem solve or make adjustments to special education services.

  • Provide guidance and feedback to instructional assistants as necessary for them to deliver effective classroom and school support to students with educational disabilities.

  • Ensure required components of the special education process are appropriately completed within required timeframes.

  • Ensure thorough and accurate documentation of all aspects of the special education process, and maintain a comprehensive and organized confidential file for each student.

  • Act as facilitator and chair of all required special education team meetings; actively solicit input from all team members including parents.

  • Maintain open and effective two-way communication between school and parents of students with educational disabilities.

  • Seek advice and consultation from supervisors as needed; keep supervisors informed of challenges and potentially difficult cases.