Article 9

Shall the Pelham School District vote to raise and appropriate moneys to fund salaries and benefits for new teaching, physical education, and instructional assistant positions at Pelham Elementary School, as follows:        

a. $50,000 to fund one classroom teacher.
          (Recommended by the Pelham School Board)
          (Recommended by the Pelham Budget Committee)

b. $50,000 to fund one physical education/health position.
         (Recommended by Pelham School Board)  
         (Recommended by Pelham Budget Committee)

c. $28,000 to fund two full time instructional assistant aide positions.
         (Recommended by Pelham School Board)  
         (Recommended by Pelham Budget Committee)


Originator School Board
School Board 5-0-0 all positions
Budget Committee 9a)  8-1-0

9b)  6-3-0

9c)  7-2-0

Town Meeting  

Voter's Guide Explanation

9a) This article represents the addition of a primary teacher at Pelham Elementary School to lower the average class size for either grade one or grade two. Classroom space will occupy the current classroom used by the Title I program.  The graph below indicates the projected class sizes with the addition of a primary teacher.


Current Projections without New Teacher
Grade Classrooms Current Enrollment Class Size Projected Enrollment
R-1 10 213 21.3 217
2 7 160 22.9 199
3 9 190 21.1 161
4 7 165 23.6 190
5 7 187 26.7 167

9b) This article represents the addition of a full time physical education/health teacher at Pelham Elementary School to reduce issues surrounding class size as a result of increased enrollment at Pelham Elementary School. There are 98 additional students at Pelham Elementary School since the building was opened in 2002. Currently, specialists from Pelham Memorial School travel to Pelham Elementary School to teach extra classes. The original plan was to share the PMS teachers for two years. Next year will mark the 5th year PMS teachers will have to travel between buildings.

9c) This article represents the addition of two full time instructional assistants at Pelham Elementary School. Duties will include:

  • Assisting with the supervision and safety for students during five lunch and recess periods;

  • Supporting professional teaching staff with clerical tasks;

  • Providing coverage for office staff during meetings; and,

  • Providing classroom support under the supervision of teachers.

Backup Data

9a) Class size affects student achievement- especially at the lower grade levels. There are currently 98 more students enrolled at PES than there were on the day the school opened. Additionally, the collective bargaining agreement currently in place with the Pelham Education Association (the teachers’ union) states that maximum class size should be at or below the following levels:


Grade Maximum Class Size
Readiness 16
1 22
2 22
3 22
4 25
5 25

9b) The PE/Health position was chosen as the first specialist to be added to Pelham Elementary School because it will have the biggest impact. If passed, two PE classes will be able to be taught simultaneously in the gym. Also, the PE teacher at PMS will no longer have to travel to PES to teach additional classes. Finally, class size for gym classes will be reduced from 28-32 students down to an average of 23-26 students.

9c) no further backup available.