Article 16

To see if the Town will vote to establish a Special Recreation Revenue Fund pursuant to RSA 35-B:2-II.  The money received from fees and charges for recreation park services and facilities shall be allowed to accumulate from year to year and shall not be considered to be part of the town’s general fund.  The town’s treasurer shall have custody of all monies in the fund and shall pay out the same upon an affirmative vote of the Board of Selectmen and the order of the Recreation Director.  These funds may be expended only for recreation purposes as stated in RSA 35-B and no expenditure shall be made in such a way as to require the expenditure of, or create liability upon, other town funds which have not been appropriated to that purpose.  (Submitted by Petition) (Recommended by Selectmen) (Recommended by Budget Committee) (No Tax Impact)


Originator By Petition Warrant
Budget Committee 10-0-0
Town Meeting no changes made during the Deliberative session

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