Article 21

Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the $136,350.00 for the purpose of funding 4 new firefighter/EMT positions with the intent of having 4 personnel on each shift?  This amount represents the full costs from July to December, 2006, after which the position, if approved, will be funded through the Fire Department operating budget.  The addition of these positions will bring the Pelham Fire in compliance with national standards. (Recommended by Selectmen) (Not Recommended by Budget Committee)


Originator Fire Chief
Board of Selectmen 3-2-0 (Domenico - no, Gleason - no)
Budget Committee 5-5-0 (Doug Viger - no, Dennis Viger - no, Mahoney - no, Farris - no, McColgan - no) (Fails)
Town Meeting no changes made during the Deliberative session

Voter's Guide Explanation

This warrant proposes to increase staffing of the Fire Department to 4 Firefighter/EMT's per shift with a minimum level of EMT-Intermediate as recommended by NFPA 1500: Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health (2 in 2 out).  This will increase survivability for victims, decrease property loss, increase safety for fire-fighting personnel and increase operational effectiveness.

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