Article 26

Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $35,000.00 for placement in the Tallant Road and Willow Street Bridge Capital Reserve Fund?  These Bridges are identified by the State of New Hampshire as being sub-standard and are eligible for 80% grant reimbursement. (Recommended by Selectmen) (Recommended by Budget Committee)


Originator Board of Selectmen & Highway Department
Board of Selectmen 4-1-0 (Lynde - no)
Budget Committee 10-0-0
Town Meeting no changes made during the Deliberative session

Voter's Guide Explanation

This fund was established for replacement of two bridges identified by the State as deficient.  The Tallant Road Bridge is scheduled for replacement in 2006 and this article continues contributing to  the fund for the Willow Street Bridge Replacement.  The State of New Hampshire will pay 80% of the total cost to replace both bridges.

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