Article 28

Shall the Town vote to appropriate the sum of $75,000.00 for the purpose of purchasing a new passenger transportation bus for the Pelham Senior Center with funding by: raising $35,000.00 from taxation and authorizing withdrawal of $40,000.00 from the Senior Center Bus Capital Reserve Fund which is the fundís approximate balance? (Recommended by Selectmen) (Recommended by Budget Committee)


Originator Sr. Center
Board of Selectmen 4-1-0 (Domenico - no)
Budget Committee 10-0-0
Town Meeting no changes made during the Deliberative session

Voter's Guide Explanation

The Senior Center bus (22 seat capacity) provides transportation for Pelham's senior residents participating in Senior Center activities.  The primary use is for transporting seniors to/from the Senior Center nutrition lunch program.  It is unlikely that the bus will pass its 2006 inspection due to significant undercarriage rust and intermittent wiring and engine problems without further repairs.  The current mileage is approximately  96,000.  The estimated cost of a replacement bus is $75,000 of which $40,000 is already available in a capital reserve fund.

Backup Data

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Sr. Center Bus Mileage ~ 96,000 Undercarriage Rust Wheel Chair Lift Rust Drivers Cab

The bus is a 1994 Ford Cutaway E350 Econoline with approximately 96,000 miles that must meet minimum NH DOT safety standards for a public transportation vehicle.

Recent Repair Invoices

Date   Repair Description


10/24/05   State Inspection $25.00
6/29/05   Oil, Filter, Rear Brakes, Universal Joints, Channel Iron for repair $1254.80
5/4/05   R134 Freon $181.85
4/7/05   Rebuild starter motor $424.43
4/7/05   Steel & angle iron for repairs $299.00
3/3/05   Front Disk Brakes, cylinders, electrical wiring components $2010.41
2/7/05   Oil, Filter, headlight, valve stem $345.08
1/4/05   Wiper blades $28.00
10/15/04   Rust repairs, replace leaky fuel tank $850.00
8/18/04   Master Cylinder, rear brakes, rear brake drums, driver seat welds, axel grease seals $1071.74
7/27/04   Vacuum pump and assembly, realign belt pulleys $491.30
5/13/04   Oil, Filter, Transmission Fluid $253.85
4/8/04   Rust repairs on muffler pipe hangers $45.50
3/29/04   Entrance light rust repair and new bulb $82.50
11/4/03   Front brakes and grease seals $505.75
9/19/02   Realign front shocks, fix leaky break line, mount balance new tires, oil, filter, lights, universal joints $862.06

Total Recent Repairs