Article 16

Shall the town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $45,071 for the purpose of funding and equipping a Full Time Deputy Fire Chief?  The amount raised equals the costs from July to December, 2007 after which the position, if approved, will be funded through the Fire Department operating budget. (Recommended by Selectmen) (Not Recommended by Budget Committee) (Majority Vote Required)


Originator Board of Selectmen
Board of Selectmen 5-0-0 Recommended
Budget Committee 2-9-0 Not Recommended (Lavallee, Estevez, Doug Viger, Puddister, Lowe, Burton, Dennis Viger, Sherman, Farris - no)

Voter's Guide Explanation

Each department in Town is developing a chain of command and succession plan.  This is essential for a safety department that operates 24/7.  The Police Department has shown the advantages of this structure and this Article will establish a position to meet this goal.

Backup Data

  • Why Pelham needs: 


    •      Increase firefighter safety

    •     NFPA guidelines  (2-in 2-out)

    •  Better response time for Fire and EMS calls

    •  Over 10% increase in calls over the last year

    •  50% of current fire dept. responses are being managed simultaneously

    •  Mutual Aid Commitments


    Increasing population effects

    More new homes / Larger homes / Explosives (drilling and blasting) /Larger fire loads / Increasing student population / Lack of water supply / Motor vehicle accidents /

     Medical emergencies / Power outages / Increased quantity of propane storage tanks /

    Increased senior citizen housing


     Then and Now



    PFD Staffs 2 fulltime

     EMT/Firefighters on shift.



    PFD Staffs 3 fulltime

     EMT/Firefighters on shift


    PFD Had 5 In-service engines


    PFD Has 1 In-service engine


    Number of homes 1,433


     Number of homes 3,527


     Number of responses 80


     Number of responses 1,341


    Population 5,408.


     Projected population 20,060


    Current station built.


    Current station unchanged.



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