Master Plan 2002

Town of Pelham NH


Created by the Master Plan Committee in conjunction with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC)

Adopted by the Planning Board - August 5, 2002


2002 Master Plan

Chapter / Title



Cover Page


232 kb

Table of Contents


107 kb

Chapter 1 - Introduction


138 kb

Chapter 2 - Population and Housing


213 kb

Chapter 3 - Existing Land Use


3,519 kb

Chapter 4 - Natural Resources


18, 328 kb

Chapter 5 - Transportation


6,903 kb

Chapter 6 - Community Facilities


3,599 kb

Chapter 7 - Historic Resources


1,227 kb

Chapter 8 - Future Land


1,379 kb

Chapter 9 - Summary


66 kb

Master Plan Town Wide Survey 6 89 kb
Master Plan Town Wide Survey Results 190 781 kb

1993 Master Plan

1993 Master Plan - for history purposes


566 kb


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