JUNE 14, 1999





7:30 PM                        Call To Order







CASE #2130      ML 10-364, 365 & 366 - BERGERON, Jean Guy RE: John E. Mansur - Seeking an                       Appeal from an Administrative Decision by the Building Inspector as of March 2, 1998 with                         respect to a Reestablishment after Discontinuance and an Extension of a Nonconforming                   Use at 74-76 Dutton Road in Relation to Article III, Section 307-8 of the Zoning Ordinance.                         (Postponed from the April 3, 1998 Meeting)


CASE #2132      ML 001-146 - SECOND GENERATION PROPERTIES LP/Spaulding Hill Road - Seeking                 a Special Exception to Article XI, Section 307-63 and Section 307-65 to Permit a                  Communications Tower of not more than 400 ft. in the Residential Zone (Postponed from              the May 7, 1998 Meeting)



MINUTES          May 10, 1999






                                    MEETING TO BE HELD AT 7:30 PM AT THE TOWN HALL

                                                  6 MAIN STREET, PELHAM, NH 03076


                                                ALL MEETINGS ARE TAPE RECORDED