February 11, 1999




7:30 p.m.                                 Call meeting to order



MINUTES:                              Nov. 16, 1998, Dec. 7, 1998, Dec. 21, 1998 (Video Only),

Jan. 4, 1999, Jan. 19, 1999, Meeting Minutes



Map 1     Lot    136-1               Lessard, Steven & Robin - Slavin Dr. - Proposed 2 Lot Subdivision


Map 1     Lot    112                  New American Homes LLC - Long Pond Shores (off Black Stone

Circle) - Proposed  14 Lot Subdivision


Map 9    Lot    142                   Zelonis, Tim - First Windham Land Holding’s LLC - Windham Road -

Proposed 2 Lot Subdivision


Map 1    Lot     10-8, 9, 10       Hriso Dev. - Wilshire Lane - WCD Special Permit For Driveway

                                                Crossings Within a WCD Area.


OLD BUSINESS:                  

Map 10  Lot     255                  East View Corp. - Shannon Circle - Proposed Ten Lot Subdivision


Map 1  Lot 10-8, 9, 10 Hriso Dev. - Wilshire Lane - Lot Line Adjustment & Subdivision


                                                Vote to return Planning Board fee’s to the General Fund








This Planning Board hearing date was rescheduled from Feb 1st 1999 to Feb. 11th 1999 due to the Deliberative Session being scheduled for Feb 1st 1999.


All meetings are held at the Town Hall, 6 Main Street, Pelham, NH

All meetings are tape recorded


If you are disabled, you have the right to attend, hear and participate in all public meetings held by the Town of Pelham.  In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act the town will provide auxiliary aids and services to accomplish this if they are needed.  Please contact this office 72 hours in advance if you need assistance.