July 14, 2003


7:30 PM Call to Order






Case #2257 REGAN, Rodney/ 4 Iris Avenue/ML 10-218 Seeking an Equitable Waiver in accordance with RSA 674:33-a or the alternative a Variance in accordance with RSA 674:33 for a pre-existing structure within the required setbacks within the residential zone.


Case #2258 MILNES, Peter/ 7 Main Street/ML 8-119 - Seeking a Variance concerning Article IV, Section 307-16 to permit an existing building to be used as professional office space within the residential zone.


Case #2259 SMITH, Martha/ 33 Windham Road/ML 8-186 Seeking a Special Exception concerning Article XII, Section 307-76 III to permit a horse riding academy within the residential zone.


Case #2260 NOGALES, Hector/ 1 Spring Street Ext./ML 11-393 Seeking a Variance concerning Article III, Section 307-7, 307-8C, 307-12 & 307-14 to permit an existing two (2) bedroom year around dwelling to be removed and replaced with a new larger structure on a lot which is currently undersized and has no direct frontage on a Town approved road within the residential zone.




MINUTES June 9, 2003





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