October 17, 2013



7:00††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Call to Order




Case #ZO2013-00025†††††† CIAMPA, Paul & Kelly 3 Colonial Drive Map 21 Lot 3-101-7 seeking a Variance concerning Article III, Section 307-12 to permit the existing playhouse to remain 13 feet from the property line.



Case #ZO2013-00026†††††† HANLON, A. Richard 13 & 16 West Shore Drive Map 30 Los 11-111 & 11-142 Seeking a Variance concerning Article, VII Section, 307-39 to permit a gazebo within the WCD setbacks. Also to allow a pre-existing non-conforming residential building to remain within the WCD setbacks. The current residential building is nine (9) feet over the WCD buffer/setbacks to Little Island Pond.


Case #ZO2013-00027†††††† CLARK, Blake & CHEN, Sabina 23 Yellow Wood Drive Map 7 Lot 4-182 seeking a Variance concerning Article XV,Section 307-100 to permit a Conservation Subdivision where (i) the size of the parcel is under 10 acres (being approximately 8.2 acres) and (ii) the frontage of the parcel where access may be provided is less than 100 feet (such frontage which may provide access being approximately 90 feet), while the parcelís overall frontage is well over 250 feet.


Case #ZO2013-00028†††††† 61A NASHUA ROAD LANDHOLDINGS LLC 61A Nashua Road Map 14 Lot 3-81 seeking a Variance concerning Article IX, Sections 307-53-2 C (3) & (8) to permit single unit buildings with a minimum of 20 feet separation, instead of a minimum of 30 feet separation; and to omit sidewalks.



MINUTES †††††††††††††††††††††††††† 9-9-2013





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