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United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The Federal Governments US EPA web site contains an overwhelming amount of data, technical publications, guidance documents and a wealth of information.  We've included a few selected documents here of interest for convenience.  Please visit  the US EPA web site at http://www.epa.gov for more information, or to locate the source documents. 


Selected US EPA documents...

Private Wells: What to do after the flood - August 1993

A supplemental guide to state and local health ordinances on what to do after a flood or when your well head is underwater.

Citizens Guide to Ground Water Protection - April 1990   (PDF 2.04Mb)

An easy to read and understand publication for citizens.  Starting on Page 20, they refer to "Management Tools" such as updating local Zoning, Subdivision Regulations, and Site Review Plans amongst other things.

Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual - January 1987  (PDF 1.47Mb)

US Army Corps of Engineers manual that serves as the basis for wetlands delineation.  This 147 page document answers any question you may have about how wetlands are delineated.

NH Department of Environmental Services (DES)
The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) web site contains an overwhelming amount information specific to New Hampshire Towns.  We've included a few selected documents here of interest for convenience.  Please visit the NH DES web site at http://www.des.state.nh.us for more information, or to locate the source documents.  While the DES does not provide endorsements for local zoning issues, they lay out model zoning ordinances and provide most of the technical backup data and services to support towns.

Selected NH DES documents...

NH DES Memo from Sarah Pillsbury   

This is a memo urging municipalities to be proactive in protecting drinking water supply areas by reviewing and updating local zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, and site plan reviews.

OneStop Environmental Web Information - An on-line system

An online and interactive system that allows you to search on Pelham and browse the active database on applications, activities, closed cases, and browse just what's on file.  Follow the "One Stop Data Retrieval" link then follow the "OneStop Master Site Table" option to search on "Pelham".  Once the list comes up, you can browse the database.  (This database is sometimes off-line for unknown reasons, but if you check back, it will later be up and running.)

Fact Sheet - Protection Measures for Drinking Water Sources - Sept 2000

When you consider the list of things DES recommends, Pelham has made progress in great progress in some areas, and some areas still needing attention.  This fact sheet also notes the recent changes in many State and Federal Water Protection Programs, that in effect, outdate Pelham's current WCD ordinance with respect to the knowledge of understanding about how our surface and sub-surface waters interact with our drinking water supplies. 

Env-WS 386 - Protection of the Purity of Surface Water Supplies

DES home page to Env-WS 386 dedicated to the protection of the purity of surface water supplies.  Env-WS 386 involves DES interaction when protection large water supply areas.  Detailed specifications are linked off this page.

Model Groundwater Protection Zoning Ordinance - February 1999  (PDF 189Kb)

This is a model zoning ordinance with explanations of terms and sample letters in the appendix.  This model offers an alternative view between Restrictive Zoning vs. Inspections.

Model Rule for the protection of water supply watersheds - April 2000 (PDF 160Kb)

This is a model rule offers excellent insight to the situation in NH.  The introduction paragraphs clearly layout the importance and need for protecting our watershed areas.  the publication also references setback of 300 feet in certain situations, and makes reference on Page 6, 2nd bullet, last sentence, that "...two-thirds respondents with a protective buffer of 75 feet felt that the buffer should be 200 feet, at least for their sources."  Our current buffers are only 50 feet.

Town of Bow, New Hampshire WCD Zoning - January 1990 (PDF 25Kb)

The Town of Bow's WCD zoning ordinance which is more restrictive in some areas, and less restrictive than others with respect to the proposed WCD ordinance.


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