Memo To:       Electrical  Contractor / Owner


Memo From:  Tim Zelonis

                        Electrical Inspector


Subject:          Basic minimum electrical requirements / pool permits


Swimming Pools:


A.                 Bonding Conductor shall consist of #8 solid copper or larger.


B.                 Bonding Conductor shall be installed in a continuous run attached at four corners plus at least (2) two attachments on the length of pool walls and (1) one attachment on the width of pool walls.


C.                Bonding parts shall be installed in accordance with 680-22(A) 1-6 and (B) 1-3.

1.      Ladders - diving boards - light  shells - motors, etc.


D.                Above ground pools round or oval shall be bonded at intervals of not more than (12) twelve feet - and shall be in accordance with 680-22(A)1-6 and (B) 1-3.


E.                 Bonding conductor shall be connected to the equipment grounding conductor sized no smaller than #12.  And an insulated copper conductor generally located within the pump outlet box.


F.                 Power supplies shall be installed with circuit conductors in RMC-IMC or RNMC of not less than #12.  A single GFCI protected twist lock receptacle and pump cord not to exceed (3) three feet in length.  To be located minimum of (5") five feet from waters edge.


G.                At least (1) one 125V convenience receptacle shall be located a minimum, of (10) ten feet and not more than (20') from the water's edge.  GFCI protected.


H.                 Conduits may make transition to Romex or other cables upon the entrance to the interior of a building.


I.                     Bonding inspections and underground conduit inspections shall be make prior to back fill stage.