June 12, 2000


Mr. Walter Kosik, the Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.


Mr. George LaBonte called the roll:


PRESENT:  Walter Kosik, George LaBonte, Edmond Gleason, Peter McNamara, Alternate David



ABSENT:    Peter LaPolice, Alternate Jim Bundock, Alternate Carolyn Carter


CASE # 2174 –  ML 10- Pelham Kindergarten & Day Care Center – 96 Bridge St. – Seeking a special exception to Article VII, Section 307-41 to reduce the setback from 25 feet to 0 feet from poorly drained soils for the replacement of a failed leach field.


Mr. LaBonte read aloud the list of abutters.


Joan O’Connell of Tewksbury, Ma. appeared before the board to present her case.  She explained that her family has been running a day care at this site for 26 years.  It is a small day care with 50 children.  At this time of the year the septic system and the dry well are always failing and the ground is saturated.  In the middle of the property is a little stream that is about 8” to 10” high in the spring and dry in the summer.  Lately they have had to pump the septic system once a week, which is very costly.  She would like a waiver so that they may replace the septic system.  Ms O’Connell gave out extra plot plans so that the board could examine the property lines.  She also stated that she has had the approval of the Conservation Committee and the Planning Board.  She needs approval from the Zoning Board so that she then can go to the state.


Mr. Kosik asked if the state approved it yet.


Ms O’Connell explained that she had to prove to the state that it was not a new business.  Also the new plans show the vent where as the old plans do not which the state also needed.


Mr. LaBonte asked what kind of permission was needed from this board.


Ms O’Connell stated that the state wanted approval from the Zoning Board and Mr. Zanowski, the Health Agent, also wanted approval from the Zoning Board before they would approve.


Mr. Kosik then asked the audience if anyone would like to speak in favor or against this case.  No one stepped forward.


Mr. Kosik then asked the board to discuss or ask questions on this article.


Ballot Vote:  Mr. Kosik, no problem, Mr. Gleason, no problem, Mr. McNamara, no problem, Mr. LaBonte, on the condition upon approval from the state and the Health Agent, Mr. Hennessey, same as Mr. LaBonte but with a written approval.



Mr. Kosik explained that you must wait 20 days before you can start.


Terry Lapointe of 4 Michelle Ave, Pelham then came forward and asked why her case was not on the agenda since she had all her paper work done by May 19th the day she was told by the Planning Department to have it in by.


Mr. Kosik said he did not know why and it was the responsibility of the Planning Dept. to post and advertise the case. 


Mrs. Lapointe said she had paid all the fees in order to let all of the abutters know.


Mr. Kosik explained that the Zoning Board could not hear the case on this day and he was sorry but it will have to wait for next month.  He told her to go to the office the next day and speak to Mr. Messina.  He then thanked her for her patience.



May 8, 2000

Mr. Gleason made a motion to accept the minutes as amended – Mr. McNamara seconded.


VOTE:  5 – 0            The motion carries.



Mr. Gleason nominated Walter Kosik for Chairman.

Mr. LaBonte second the motion


VOTE:  5 – 0              Mr. Kosik is the Chairman


Mr. LaBonte nominated Edmund Gleason for Vice-Chairman.

Mr. McNamara second the motion.


VOTE:  5  - 0              Mr. Gleason is the Vice-Chairman


Mr. Gleason nominated George LaBonte for Secretary.

Mr. McNamara second the motion.


VOTE:  5 – 0              Mr. LaBonte is the Secretary.



MOTION: (Gleason/McNamara) To adjourn the meeting.

VOTE: 5-0   The motion carries.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.


                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,



`                                                                       Therese Soucy                                                                                                                         Recording Secretary