Town of Pelham, NH

Pelham Conservation Commission

Minutes – Meeting of March 14, 2001



Members Present:                                                        Members Absent:

Robert Yarmo, Chairperson                                           Alicia Harshfield, Alternate

Harold Lynde, Selectmen Rep.                                 William Cookinham

Brenda Jensen


A meeting of the Pelham Conservation Commission was held on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at the Pelham Town Hall.  The Chairperson, Robert Yarmo, called the meeting to order at 7:55 p.m.




Map 10, Lot 323, Lakeside Development

Proposed Daycare at 90 Bridge St., Conceptual Discussion


Tony Marcotte of Bedford Design Consultants presented the plan as Project Manager on behalf of his client, Lakeside Development.  Also present was David Walker from Bedford Design and Mary Ann Piemonte from Perfect Place, owner.


Mr. Marcotte explained that this existing building would be designed as a childcare center.  There is a proposed 1,100 square foot addition to the south side of the building and a play area behind it (encroaching on the buffer zone), with a looped driveway.  There would be a 20-foot wide strip added area for parking.  Wetlands are 60-65 feet behind the structure with proposed 50-foot setback.  Some trees would need to be removed to build the fenced-in play area behind the daycare center.  It is a flat area with minimal grading.  There is an existing dug well and septic. 


The Chair, Bob Yarmo, questioned the possibility of moving the play area to the right of left.  Mr. Marcotte answered that the proposed location was the best area, more quiet and safer.  Brenda Jensen asked if there were many trees that would need to be removed and Mr. Marcotte responded that they were asking what would be allowed.  Mary Ann Piemonte, representing the owner, commented that it would be a designed sand box and play area, disturbing as little as possible for placement.  Bob Yarmo asked if it were heavily treed near wetlands.  Tony Marcotte stated that the wetlands were largely forested.  Mr. Yarmo asked if stumps would be removed and Mr. Marcotte answered affirmatively.  Mr. Yarmo confirmed that the brush ground cover would be cleared and grasses added and Mr. Marcotte agreed.  The exact size of the sandbox was not known as yet.  Brenda Jensen asked about lawn chemicals and Mr. Marcotte said they would place restrictions on the plan as required by board. 


Hal Lynde inquired whether the board would be acting on a waiver to the 50 foot WCD area.  Mr. Marcotte said he was seeking requirements for play area tonight.  Mr. Lynde stated that since the 50-foot buffer was for the protection of wetlands, he would prefer no chemical fertilizers were used.  Ms. Piemonte offered that upkeep of any lawn area would be difficult given the number of children using it.  Bob Yarmo said he had no objection to the removal of a few trees but would want the area stabilized and the board would need to do a site walk.  Hal Lynde asked if this required approval from the Board of Adjustment.  Mr. Marcotte replied that he did not know if it would fall under special exception. 


Bob Yarmo asked if the play area would be similar to the one located at Perfect Place and Ms. Piemonte answered yes.  It would be a fenced-in area for about 75 children.  Brenda Jensen asked if there would be any trees inside the play area and Ms. Piemonte answered that some could be left.  Tony Marcotte noted that he was due before Planning Board in April and that a site walk had not as yet been scheduled.  Bob Yarmo queried whether the play area could be made longer, rather than wider so as not to extend as munch into the buffer.  Mr. Marcotte said that could be discussed and added that there were wetland flags in place (by Gove Environmental) but some were under snow cover now.  Mr. Yarmo asked if Bedford Design could discuss with Jim Gove how best to improve the buffer given the impact of the play area.  Tony agreed to do that.  Hal Lynde, having researched the issue, stated that a variance did not appear to be necessary. 


Bob Yarmo said that the board would do a site walk and call Bedford Design with any questions.  He indicated that a letter could be sent to Planning Board and there would likely not be a need for Mr. Marcotte to return to Conservation board.  The board thanked Mr. Marcotte for his presentation.



Map 35, Lot 10-352, Currier Rd., Proposed Subdivision

Owner:  Neil Fineman; Conceptual Discussion


Wesley Aspinwall of Edward N. Herbert Surveyors in Windham, NH presented a conceptual plan to the board with proposed roads and lot subdivisions shown.  He noted that Gove Environmental would be delineating the wetlands.  Hal Lynde questioned if the parcel were located at the junction of Little Island Pond Road.  Mr. Aspinwall said yes as well as Diamond Hill Road, stating that the roads would connect.  This is a proposed 28-lot subdivision (not 15 as described on agenda).  Proposed Carol Lane would come in at the intersection of Currier and Little Island Pond Roads, 850 feet to a cul-de-sac.  Susan Drive would be a side road off Carol Lane, 1900 feet to a cul-de-sac, with another short road to connect to Diamond Hill.  A 400-foot road, Fine View Circle, would end in a cul-de-sac.  There would be 3 or 4 wetland crossings involved.  Mr. Aspinwall said more details would be available after Jim Gove had completed his work on it.  He expected a few driveway crossings would involve state wetland permits. 


Hal Lynde queried how much acreage was involved and Wesley Aspinwall did not know at this time.  Mr. Lynde asked if the remaining area were high and dry.  Mr. Aspinwall said yes with possible seasonal drainage somewhere.  Minimal impact will be sought.  Bob Yarmo stated that it would be helpful to see how the wetlands on this parcel connect to adjacent lands and asked if Planning Board had reviewed as yet.  Wes said the plan had not been presented to Planning as yet.  The Chairperson indicated that the board would do a site walk with Planning once the snow was gone.  The board thanked Mr. Aspinwall for the presentation.



Map 20, Lot 3-3130, Proposed 17 lot Subdivision

Mammoth Road, A&A Realty Trust, Conceptual Discussion


Wesley Aspinwall asked that this hearing be withdrawn at this time and stated that there were neither wetland nor WCD issues involved with this parcel.  Bob Yarmo asked if this had been denied earlier by the Planning Board and Mr. Aspinwall answered he believed it had been denied at one time.



Map 7, Lot 4-180-14, Proposed 8 lot Subdivision

Benoit Ave. Ext., Rolling Stone Dev., Conceptual Discussion


Wesley Aspinwall of Edward N. Herbert Surveyors in Windham, NH presented the plan for conceptual review on this proposal to extend Benoit Avenue for 8 lots, ending in a cul-de-sac.  There are existing homes on Lots 4-180-12 and 4-180-6.  There would be several impact areas on WCD.  One would be at Station 5, front portion of Lot 20, with a 460 square foot impact for road fill.  Another would be impact on WCD for driveway at end of cul-de-sac.  At Lot 17, there would be a small impact at driveway and one at Lot 16 for drainage easement and treatment swale.  The road would cross Tennessee Gas Pipeline easement at Station 850. 


Mr. Aspinwall believes Lot 4-175-1 is prime wetland area and stated that Gove Environmental was working on delineation.  Bob Yarmo asked if the edge of wetlands was at prime wetlands and Mr. Aspinwall answered yes, at some points.  Hal Lynde asked if the cul-de-sac encroached on WCD and Wesley said yes.  Mr. Lynde questioned whether it could therefore be pulled back and how septic setbacks would be met.  Mr. Aspinwall said 4K areas were shown on lots.  He added that there were steep portions and some lots were very large as a result.  Mr. Aspinwall also stated that Lot 17 would have a remote home site, back about 440 feet.  Wetland impact is very small and a proposed culvert would be expected.  Hal Lynde asked about ground location of prime and Mr. Aspinwall answered that he would need to consult further with Jim Gove, who had gone out to the property in the fall of 2000. 


Bob Yarmo asked if Station 750 to Station 11,000 drained into the prime wetlands.  Wesley Aspinwall answered that he did not have road profile but in general would say yes; it would drain into treatment swale first.  Bob Yarmo asked if this would classify as adjacency issue and Mr. Aspinwall responded that he did not know at this time.  Bob asked if the treatment swale were in the WCD and Wesley answered yes and that it was typical of other treatment swales.  Mr. Yarmo stated that this might be similar to adjacency issue with Yarde Metals parcel.  He added that Dr. Richardson should be consulted.  Mr. Aspinwall agreed. 


In response to the Chairperson’s question, Wesley Aspinwall explained that there was a narrow stretch of land owned by the Town of Pelham next to Lot 12.  Hal Lynde suggested that some history of origin for Benoit Avenue may be needed.  Wesley Aspinwall said this plan was likely to go before Planning soon and that in the near future he would anticipate needing a letter to Planning from this board.  Bob Yarmo confirmed that Planning had not as yet taken jurisdiction and Mr. Aspinwall answered affirmatively.  A dredge and fill permit would be needed.  Mr. Yarmo stated that Conservation would attend a site walk with Planning when it was scheduled.  Mr. Aspinwall inquired if the board would discuss a wetland application for Lot 17 at next meeting.  Bob Yarmo said he preferred to deal with the subdivision as a whole rather than in pieces.


Bob Yarmo said that the concerns of the board would be the wetland line as it relates in location to the prime wetland line and asked that Mr. Aspinwall discuss that with Jim Gove.  Another concern was the question of adjacency issue.  Dr. Richardson would need to review this.  The board would also like to see the cul-de-sac pulled out of WCD if it could stop short 50 feet of proposed location.  Mr. Aspinwall stated that there might be a frontage issue.  Bob Yarmo asked about the possibility of a hammerhead and Wesley responded that the road was likely too long overall for that.  Hal Lynde asked about the purpose of the right of way below Lot 21.  Mr. Aspinwall answered that it may be needed for access to landlocked parcel.  Hal noted that it was close to wetland and a recommendation may be made not to have it placed there.  The board thanked Wesley Aspinwall for this final presentation.



A Motion was made by Brenda Jensen to approve the January 10, 2001 minutes with one minor change on page 1.  Hal Lynde seconded the motion.  A vote was had.  All in favor:  Bob Yarmo, Brenda Jensen.  None opposed.  Hal Lynde abstained.  The vote is 2-0-1.  The motion passes.


A Motion was made by Brenda Jensen to approve the November 15, 2000 minutes.  Hal Lynde seconded the motion.  A vote was had.  All in favor:  Brenda Jensen, Hal Lynde, Bob Yarmo.  None opposed or abstained.  The vote is 3-0-0.  The motion passes.


A Motion was made by Hal Lynde to approve the November 29, 2000 minutes.  The motion was seconded by Brenda Jensen.  A vote was had.  All in favor:  Hal Lynde, Bob Yarmo, Brenda Jensen.  None opposed or abstained.  The vote is 3-0-0.  The motion passes.


The board agreed to review and approve the February 14, 2001 minutes at the next board meeting.  There being no further business to come before the board,


A Motion was made by Hal Lynde to adjourn.  A vote was had.  All in favor:  Bob Yarmo, Brenda Jensen, Hal Lynde.  Vote is 3-0-0.  The motion passes.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:53 p.m.



Transcribed by,



Kathleen A. Carr,

Recording Secretary