Town of Pelham, NH

Pelham Conservation Commission

6 Main Street

Pelham, NH 03076-3723


MEETING:  AUGUST 15, 2001                              NOT ACCEPTED


Members Present:                                                       Members Absent:

Bob Yarmo, Chairman

Ronald Bourque

Sanja Kakkad


Meeting brought to order by Chairman Robert Yarmo at 7:36 p.m.


Map 10-Lot 361, Map 10-Lot 110, Apple tree Estates, 29 Lot Subdivision

V & G Development, Dutton Road  (Known as Richardson Farm)

Hearing Postponed until next meeting   Reason: Plans are not ready.

Conservation Commission did preliminary site walk; there are wetlands impacts.


Map 1, Lot 005 & 104, Sousa Realty and Development Corporation, 24 Lot Subdivision, 15 Lawrence Corner Road


Preliminary Plans for a 24-lot subdivision are presented by Tony Valsil, Senior Project Manager with James Swanson.  Tony stated he is new to the Pelham area.  This is approximately a 45-acre piece of land located at the end of Lawrence Corner Road, north of the Lynch property and south of the Industrial Park/Dick Tracy Lane.  The parcel was re-zoned residential.  There is a large wetland to the north, a couple of pockets in the middle and one to the south.  There is a gas line easement to the east.  The size of lots runs from 1.2 acres to 5 & 6 acres.  Proposed is 3,000-ft of road and impacts wetlands in 2 places.  To move the road to the left of the plan would be prohibitive due to the severe slopes.  Plans will be filed with the Planning Board in 2-3 weeks.  Wetlands permit application will be filed within a week reports Mr. V.


Chairman Yarmo asks the names of the abutters and whether there are any town-owned lands that abut this parcel and how many wetlands crossing.  Answer:  there are 2 wetlands crossings.  Member Bourque asks if there are any plans for an alternative road.  Answer:  this was looked at and by putting the road down the right-of-way it created a bigger wetlands impact.  The wetlands have been flagged.  Soils testing are currently being done.  Conservation will sign off on the wetlands permit once a site walk has been done and an environmental report is available.  The Planning Board needs to take possession of the plans before Conservation makes their recommendation.


8:10 – break


8:16 p.m. – reconvene


Map36, Lot 10-10-2, Ronald & Laureen Smith and Richard & Kathleen Romeo, Dutton Road – proposed two lot subdivision


A site walk has to be scheduled if date agreeable with the consultants. (Aug 29 – 6 pm)




Meeting minutes not available, we do not have a recording secretary says Chairman Yarmo.  A recording secretary is coming onboard within a couple of weeks.


Road Salt Proposal – Things that can be accomplished now are not to salt near the bridges.  Mr. Pitts will be working on this with us.


New Wetlands Map now available but is rather small. Mr. Bourque will email his comments to the chairman.




The Commission finally got the no cut, no disturbance signs that had been requested.  The intent is to post these along the WCD so as to advise the builder/developer of these areas.  This involves erosion control.  They should be posted at the same time as the wetlands flagging takes place.  Signs should be made of metal.  A proposal will be requested from Hammar Sign.  The signs will be made available to the developers for a cost.


The Conservation Commission has received notification that hydro-seeding discharge had taken place on Gumpus Pond twice.  A truck had discharged the remains of their load into the pond then proceeded to fill their tanks, then left.  This happened near the Tibbett’s property. The truck had identification on it as N.E. Landscaping.


Hydro-seeding trucks are allowed to take water out of open waters unless the town specifically states otherwise.  They are not to disturb the soil in the water or at the water’s edge.


Chairman Yarmo says currently there are five (5) wetlands violations filed with the state.  One was off Gumpus Hill Road and one off Atwood Road.  There has been no word from the state as to what happened with these violations.


Member Ron Bourque had reminded that while out on one of the site walks he had commented that it would be nice to have a camera and recommends a small digital camera.  The pictures can go right into the document where a violation is found says Mr. Bourque.  We could do a before and after picture says Mr. Bourque.  Mr. Yarmo agrees and says there should be money in the budget to purchase a camera.  Storage of the camera was discussed.  There is no developing nor is there any developing with this type camera.  Mr. Bourque agreed to look into this.


Chairman Yarmo discusses the issue of the Conservation Commission getting involved with site walks, etc., before the Planning Department takes possession of the plans.  The town attorney had written a letter to the town planner explaining how and why the Conservation Commission can take on projects on a preliminary conceptional consultation phase.




                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Glennie M. Edwards

                                                                        Recording Secretary