Town of Pelham, NH

Pelham Conservation Commission

6 Main Street

Pelham, NH 03076-3723



MEETING:  NOVEMBER 13, 2002                        ACCEPTED 2/12/03



Members Present:                                           Members Absent:


Robert Yarmo, Chairman                                Sanjay Kakkad

Marc Duquette                                     Chris Montminy

Frank Culbert                                                  Sandy Kupcho

                                                                        William McDevitt, Selectman Rep.


Meeting brought to order by Chairman Robert Yarmo at 7:35 p.m.


PLAN REVIEW OF LOT SUBDIVISION:  Tax Map 24, Lot 12-192 & 12-203-16. Proposed 11 Lot Single Family Subdivision:  Richard & Phyllis Kirsch and Maureen & Eloise Meissner


Chairman Yarmo has concerns about “strange lot lines” on this subdivision that the Planning Board has issues with.  Specifically, lots #12-192-7 & 8.  There appears to be sufficient frontage for lots #8 & #9, over 200’.  There was discussion about taking (some) land from lot #192-9 to alter better configurations for lot lines #7 & #8 or possibly group lots 7 & 8 together.  Lot #7 does not show drainage because there is only surface water drainage.  Lot #8 appears tight on the south side and encroaching near the wetlands boundary. .  Lot #7 has the same concern: wetlands crossing on the right side and behind proposed building.  It leaves very little space for a front yard.  Lot #7 would have a better functional back yard if moved closer to the road.  There is one culvert that ties the two (2) wetlands together.  There is not catch basin or swales.


RECOMMENDATION:  The Conservation Commission would like the option of a site walk, with or without the Planning Board.  The Commission has concerns on lot #7 with the house location and whether functional because of the wetlands location.  Test pits should be visible with regard to the house locations.  The actual house lots would not be staked out yet.  There may be a need to be site specific on two (2) lots as not being sustainable.


PLAN REVIEW OF LOT SUBDIVISION:  Tax Map 24, Lot 12-63-1, 12-44-7, 12-62.  Proposed 7 Lot Single Family Subdivision:  William Pultar


This subdivision abuts town property; the road is an extension of Shepard Drive and is 700 to 800 feet long.  It involves 3 wetlands crossings, one (1) wetlands crossing for the road and two (2) driveway wetland crossings.  There’s an issue at the end of the cul-de-sac having a retaining wall that is 10 ½’ high and between six (6) to ten (10) feet in depth and located in the WCD.  The corner of the retaining wall at the corner is 15’ from the wetlands.  This does not take into account the footings for the construction of the retaining wall.  To accept this proposal is setting a bad precedent according to the members.  The landowner is proposing a gift of conservation land, lot #12-62.  It’s unknown if the town will accept this parcel or not.  This parcel abuts house lots and town owned property and the Coffee Lots.


Lot #63-3 is next to conservation land and is a constrained lot (50’ wide x 200’ long) and next to a wetlands crossing.  Conservation members suggest pivoting the back lot line to reduce the wetlands crossing to only needing one (1).  Lot #12-63-3 is all wetlands and not useable; it’s approximately 2.5 acres in size.


RECOMMENDATION:  The Conservation Commission would like to do a site walk with the Planning Board.  Conservation would strongly suggest that before the town accepts this gift of land that there be a provision in the plan to link the town-owned properties with the proposed gift from Mr. Pultar.  Conservation will inform the Planning Board of its strenuous objection of accepting this plan as it is, as it just doesn’t work.  Examination of the plan submitted may support four (4) buildable lots by avoiding the wetlands issue and eliminating one (1) driveway crossing.  Also, the retaining wall being so close to the wetlands is not within the town’s legal limits under the new soil’s high limits as stated in the Master Plan, Chapter 4.  There is also an issue with the length of the cul-de-sac, re: new regulations.


Tax Map 17, Lot 13-63:  Minimum Impact Expedited Dredge and Fill – David Conrad.


This came before the Conservation Commission about one (1) month ago and concerns three (3) lots off route 38 with one (1) wetlands crossing.  Mr. Conrad was advised that Conservation would hold off on signing this permit pending the Planning Board’s actions.  There are no issues.  The members present signed the permit.




Marc Duquette advised that he had met with the town’s Recreation Advisory Board and offered to work with them in their planning of trails in town.  He shared with the Natural Resources Development Inventory that included conservation areas, town forests, etc.  They plan to meet in January after the holidays for their next meeting.  Conservation has the ability initiate formal trails per RSA 36-A.  Mr. Duquette’s involvement with the trails committee is to protect the Conservation’s interest and welcomes other members of the Board to get involved.






Deborah Waters, Open Space Chairman, asked if a Conservation Bond issue would be coming before the voters in March.  The deadline for submission is January 12.  She feels that other supporting issues should be worked on before anything is submitted.  The town of Hampton Falls had no projects lined up and a bond issue passed.


Chairman Yarmo will inquire about the current use tax being raised from its current 75% to 100%.




Approval of Minutes of 10/9/2002  (change to be made with regard to the NRPC to add verbiage for accuracy or clarification of the percentage that was printed in the report relative to Pelham’s Protected Acreage (page 5, table 3 of the report).


Meeting Adjourned at 8:36 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,



                                                                        Glennie M. Edwards

                                                                        Recording Secretary