Pelham Conservation Commission

6 Main Street

Pelham, NH 03076-3723


MEETING OF JULY 10, 2002                                 APPROVED 10/9/02


Members Present:

Robert Yarmo, Chairman

Frank Culbert

Sanjay Kakkad

Sandy Kupcho

Christian Montminy

Marc J. Duquette

Deborah Waters, Open Space Committee


Chairman Robert Yarmo brought the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. at the Town Hall.







Dredge & Fill Permit Application Review – Tax Map 17, Lot 13-63, Gage Hill Road and prepared for Dave & Rachael Conrad – 56 Doriso Avenue, Lawrence, MA


Bob Yarmo reported that the application was prepared by TFM Civil Engineers and is a minimum impact expedited application.  This involves a couple of driveway crossings on Gage Hill Road and was reviewed by Dave Brouillet, our new Community Development Director.  This application has not been submitted to the Planning Board yet.  This is a 3-lot subdivision with 2 driveways crossing the wetlands.  It’s premature to act on this until it goes before the Planning Board.  If Conservation acted on this tonight and the Planning Board turned it down, there would be a dredge and fill application out there without subdivision approval.  Suggestion is to wait until it comes before the Planning Board and they have an opportunity to review and make comments on it.  If it appears that it’s going to be approved Conservation can comment on it then.  Board members all in agreement that this should wait as suggested.  There are some concerns that the Conservation has and that the Planning Board may have a problem with it also.  This would change the dredge and fill application.  Dave Brouillet will be advised that we will not be taking any action until it has been submitted and reviewed by the Planning Board.

Pelham Conservation Commission – Meeting of 7/10/02                                     Page 2



Dredge & Fill Permit Application Review, Town of Pelham, Pulpit Rock Road, completed by CLD Engineers.


Bob Yarmo reports that CLD Engineers completed the application.  The town is replacing a culvert and new headwalls on Pulpit Rock Road.  It ‘s approximately 2,800 sq.ft. of impact on the wetlands.  The Conservation Commission does not have to comment on this but it will expedite things if we do for the dredge and fill permit.  The town is replacing two (2) pipes with one (1).  The Pulpit Rock Road crossing of wetlands is associated with Beaver Brook.  Presently there is a triple core, corrugated metal culvert.  Two of the pipes have deteriorated to the point of failure, severely diminishing the hydraulic capacity.  This has resulted in saturation of the roadway base materials and increases the potential for the roadway being over-topped should there be a flooding situation or seasonal high water.  This replacement will correct these conditions.  A “positive” letter of approval will be sent to the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board.


Update on Picard Property


Deb Waters, Open Space Committee stated that the private group of donors for this purchase are very organized and have raised about $63,000.00 as of two weeks ago.  Deb met with them recently and they are making excellent progress on their goal, which is $100,000.00.  They have an expert from the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension helping them with their plans.  They are well on their way to achieving their goal.  The Conservation Commission is in sight of their goals and that means that our part is to begin finding out if the Selectmen will agree to the expenditure of funds from the Conservation Funds.  There needs to be little more clarity from the private donors before we actually commit to a schedule for posting a public hearing.  Deb says that the developers also have a schedule that they have to meet for their plan to bring forward the six (6) lots.  It’s estimated the posting will likely be in August.  Deb reports that there have to be notices published, etc., and Conservation needs time for that.  Both the Conservation Commission and the Board of Selectmen would be publishing public hearing notices.  Once Conservation reports to BOS, they would vote whether to have a public hearing or not.


Update on Wolven Property:


Deb Waters:  The subdivision plan has been approved.  The parcel was a very large parcel with just one house on it.  Ms. Wolven kept a portion of it for herself and the remainder is going to Conservation.  This is ready for the closing, maybe next week.  Bob Yarmo reports that Conservation looked at a piece of land being surrendered to taxes a couple of weeks ago – it’s wetlands and is about eight (8) acres.

Pelham Conservation Commission – July 10, 2002                                              Page 3


Water Testing Results


Member Marc Duquette met with a representative from the “Voluntary Assessment Program” on June 19th.  The entire day was spent on Pelham ponds doing testing.  Little Island Pond included a couple of men from the Little Island Pond Association.  Other ponds tested were Gumpus Pond, Long Pond and Harris Pond (aka, White’s Pond).  It takes a few weeks to get results of these tests.  Once the data is available we will know what it means as far as water quality.  It will be compared with historical data to see if there are any issues in these waters.  There appears to be quite a bit of algae in Gumpus Pond.  The ecoli bacteria was one of the tests performed for which there was a cost.  The State recommends three (3) rounds of sampling per year – June, August and September, (or) June, July and September.  The testing for the next round is not yet scheduled.  Marc says he surrendered a vacation day to do this.  We do have two (2) people who can assist with this, one from Gumpus Pond and the other at Little Island Pond.  We have a need for volunteers to help us to do Harris Pond and Long Pond.  They would have to be taught the process for testing.  Mr. Yarmo asks, “If one of these tests comes back with a high reading, what action do we need to take?”  Marc answered he believed it would be based on what the problem is, where we go, or maybe “they” (the State) would want to step in.  There may be grants or programs at the state level that would be of assistance to us.  There may be just a simple response of what actions the town could take to mitigate minor problems.  It’s reported that the Little Island Pond Association does their own testing that they pay for themselves.  Gumpus Pond was tested last year under this program.  There isn’t any consistent water quality information at this time.  Little Island Pond is very interested in setting up a program and has some equipment already.  Most of the analytical work is done at the state level.  Conservation may be able to split the costs of this equipment with the Association at Gumpus and Little Island Pond.  More discussion is needed with the residents in those areas.  There is a state program that handles water quality at public beaches; they test a couple of times a year.




Mr. Yarmo:  Met with staff at NRPC today re:  Natural Resources.  They went over a draft and minor changes were made, mostly clerical and numerical corrections.  The final draft of the natural resources should be ready for review by next week.  Following the review it can be officially adopted.  A series of maps were brought back to town for our new Master Plan.  It’s going to take a lot more work.  The challenge with the map is to verify the level of protection as discussed before.  This is as close to what we are going to get without input from the town of Pelham.  We are limited without either further hired staff or volunteers.  One of the issues is Pelham’s State Forests.  We need documentation for these parcels.  They may or may not have conservation easements.  This can be accomplished by going to the tax office and the registry of deeds and see what is actually recorded in the deed(s) for easements.  NRPC will help us with that for a fee and they will write up a proposal to do that but it would also include a certain amount of volunteers.  This report will identify that we have for valuable lands.  Bob has applied to the Conservation Assistance Program to see if they can help us.

Pelham Conservation Commission – July 10, 2002                                              Page 4


Conservation Projects:


Sanjay Kakkad, vice chairman, typed up and submitted a list of three (3) elements of Conservation Projects:  Immediate tasks, networks, and presentation for Old Home Day.  The Conservation Commission plans to put out a plea for volunteers for the various projects.


Bob Yarmo reports on the Environmental Impact Communication Plan.  He reports that Mark West had previously done some work for the Conservation Commission to develop a standard for the environmental reports for the Planning Board.  Bob reports that he will be requesting a transition meeting with the selectmen and the new town planner




Initially, Glennie reported that it would probably be another month before the backlog is caught up.  After comments from Bob, it appears they could be caught up in possibly 2 weeks.


MOTION: (Montminy/Kakkad) to approve minutes of June 12, 2001.


VOTE:  approved (6-0)


Next Meeting:  Pending receiving the natural resources information, the Commission may have to meet in two weeks.  All agreed and were available.


There was discussion about the minutes being electronically posted.  This will come through the Planning Board when they are received.  It was reported that there are some reports available.


Sandy Kupcho is working on a brochure for the Commission.  She questions whether NRPC would help with the mailing.  She is all set with the brochure itself.


Christian Montminy was again appointed to the Commission at Tuesday evening’s session with the Board of Selectmen.


Meeting Adjourned 8:34 p.m.

                                                                              Respectfully submitted,


                                                                              Glennie M. Edwards

                                                                              Recording Secretary