June 16, 2003   


The Chairman, Paddy Culbert called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.


The Secretary, Mr. Bill Scanzani, called the roll:



Paddy Culbert, Bill Scanzani, Peter McNamara, Henry DeLuca, Gael Ouellette, Robin Bousa, Selectmen Representative Hal Lynde (arrived shortly after the meeting commenced), Alternate Bob Yarmo




Alternate Raymond Brunelle




Map 11 Lot 254 - Century Builders, Inc. - Nature’s Way - Request for Bond Reduction


Mr. Scanzani reviewed a description of the work that had been completed.  He said the original bond amount was $160,000; the Town engineer recommended that $89,280 be released.  A letter from TF Moran (Town engineer), dated June 2, 2003 indicated that the cost of the work completed was in the amount of $131,665, which would leave $22,000.  Since the subdivision regulations require a 30% retention, TF Moran recommended a bond reduction in the amount of $89,280 (retaining $70,720). 


Mr. Lynde arrived. 


It was noted that Highway Road Agent Don Foss had reviewed and signed off on the road. 



(Scanzani/McNamara) To reduce the Century Builders, Inc./Nature’s Way bond (by $89,280), and retain $70,720. 




(6 - 0 - 1) The motion carries.  Mr. Lynde abstained.


Map 1 Lot 57 - V & G Development - Jones Farm Road - Request for Bond Release


Mr. Scanzani said that the original bond was $146,000; the current bond was $16,600.  He said that TF Moran (Town engineer) and Highway Road Agent Don Foss recommended that the entire bond be released. It was noted that the road had ‘over-wintered’.  Mr. DeLuca asked if the silt fence and bales had been removed.  Mr. Scanzani said that the file contained a letter of approval signed by Mr. Foss.  Mr. Culbert noted that the former Planning Director, Amy Alexander had also signed off on the work.



(Scanzani/McNamara) To release, in its entirety, the V&G Development/Jones Farm Road bond of $16,600.




(7 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.


Map 13 Lot 83 Kasher Corporation - Beacon Hill Road - Request for Bond Release


Mr. Scanzani informed that the road was paved last year and had ‘over-wintered’.  He said the current bond amount was $30,200.  He noted that the Highway Road Agent Don Foss and the former Planning Director Amy Alexander had both signed-off on the road. 



(Scanzani/McNamara) To release, in its entirety, the Kasher Corporation/Beacon Hill Road bond of $30,200. 




(7 - 0 - 0) The motion carries.




June 2, 2003


(Scanzani/McNamara) To approve the June 2, 2003 meeting minutes as amended.  




(5 - 0 - 2) The motion carries.  Ms. Bousa and Mr. Lynde abstained.




Mr. Scanzani informed that the Town’s subdivision fiscal impact study for ten lots, or more, had not been revised since the year 2000.  He said that he had updated the form according to the latest tax rate,  and the municipal/Town costs.  He said he would like to pass the new document to the Planning Department.  There were no objections from the Board.


Mr. Scanzani wanted to know when the subdivision regulations would be reviewed/updated.  Mr. Culbert said the subdivision regulations would be scheduled for review possibly at the next work session. 




Board of Selectmen - Discussion of Process Procedures (present for the discussion was Selectmen William McDevitt, Richard Derby, Victor Danevich as well as Town Administrator Tom Gaydos)


Mr. Lynde started the discussion by saying that Mr. John Bobula had been hired to provide an assessment of the Planning Department and what could be done to improve efficiency in operation.  He said that Mr. Bobula compiled a phase I & II report.  He said Mr. Bobula had met with the Selectmen, and at the Selectmen’s request Mr. Bobula met with the Planning Board.  He said after reviewing Mr. Bobula’s comments it was realized that there was not a total agreement between the Selectmen and the Planning Board regarding Mr. Bobula’s recommendations.  He said the main intent for meeting with the Planning Board this evening was to determine, and resolve the differences and move forward for the coming budget year. 


Mr. Lynde reviewed the points of the Bobula report, where there was apparent agreement, as follows: 1) employment of full-time building/code enforcement officer; 2) unified master filing system; 3) comprehensive computerized information management; 4) cross-training of support staff and progressively advanced training of support staff; 5) establishment and maintenance of a list of pre-qualified third-party professionals.  He then reviewed the main differences between the Selectmen and the Planning Board as outlined in the Bobula report. 


There was a discussion regarding the qualifications being requested for the Planning Director position.  It was agreed by the Selectmen and the Planning Board that it was desired for the candidate to have a degree in planning (or in a related field).  The salary range being advertised was between $53,000 and $65,000.  The total compensation for a planning Director, including benefits, could total up to $95,000.  Mr. Culbert clarified that the Planning Board did not intend the Planning Director to report directly to the Planning Board.  It was understood that the planning director would report to the Town Administrator, who reported to the Selectmen.  There was a desire for an assistant planner, which would have to be first approved by the Selectmen, then the Budget Committee and ultimately by Town vote.  Mr. Scanzani believed that application fees within the Planning Department could be raised to help offset the salary of additional personnel.  There was a brief discussion regarding the current Fire Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer; it was noted that some clarification was still needed regarding what areas should be covered by the position.

Mr. Danevich confirmed with the Planning Board that the application fees would be reviewed, since they had not been adjusted in at least six years.  Mr. Culbert said the fees would be reviewed.  Mr. Gaydos said he was in the process of finalizing the Planning numbers for the Budget Committee and would then discuss the numbers with Mr. Culbert.  The Boards discussed the types of positions desirable for the Planning Department, it was agreed that there was a need for additional staff.  Mr. Gaydos discussed what was expected from the interim Planning Director, such as comprehension of the filing system, work with the current engineer to create a checklist for third party inspections, and oversight of the production in the Planning office.


Mr. Gaydos noted that legal services should also be tracked and would like the Planning Director to be able to provide reports on a regular basis.  Mr. Scanzani pointed out that the Board’s legal service differed from that of the Town.  Mr. Gaydos’ concept was that counsel would be retained to advise the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment and the Town in court.  He agreed that there was a need for the municipality to have separate counsel. 


Robin Road/Honey Lane update


Mr. Lynde informed that Mr. Peter Zohdi of Herbert Associates, and TF Moran (Town engineer) reviewed an as-built of the development and then went on-site to identify items that needed to be done to correct discrepancies so that the project could be completed.  He said there were some items found where the lots created their own problems.  He said recommendations would be made to the homeowners of what they could do to correct the problems (at the homeowner’s expense).  Mr. Lynde said that developer was interested in receiving the final list of items so that he could be done with the development.  Mr. Scanzani wanted to review the final checklist and compare it to the Planning Board’s specific recommendations.  Mr. Gaydos said once the list was created, it would be brought to the Planning Board for review, and then presented to the developer for completion. 


There was a brief discussion regarding hiring an interim Planning Director.  Mr. Gaydos said that he had conversations with Mr. Clay Mitchell, who may be able to fill the interim position.  He was hopeful that someone would be in the position before the Planning Board’s next scheduled meeting. 


Ms. Ouellette asked if there was anything in the subdivision regulations that should be addressed to rid problems within subdivisions from happening again.  Mr. Danevich believed that fine tuning the field inspection report would help alleviate similar situations from occurring again.  Mr. Lynde said that there should be something added to the regulations regarding individual lots.  Mr. Danevich said there was currently language in the regulations, but it was vague.  Mr. Culbert said that the regulations would be reviewed in the near future. 


Mr. Danevich confirmed with the Board that they would like to be involved with the interview process.  Mr. Culbert said that he would be in contact with Mr. Gaydos. 


Request for Qualifications (RFQ)


The following companies submitted information to the Planning Board for consideration:


1) Geo Technical Services, Inc. - Haverhill, NH and Goffstown, NH

2) Bedford Design - Londonderry, NH

3) SEA Consultants, Inc. - Cambridge, MA

4) Vollmer Associates, LLP - Concord, NH

5) SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc. - Manchester, NH

6) Earth Tech (a Tyco infrastructure company) - Concord, MA

7) CMA Engineers - Portsmouth, NH

8) TF Moran -

9) Louis Berger - Manchester, NH

10) Hoyle/Tanner & Associates - Manchester, NH

11) Maguire Group Inc. - Portsmouth, NH

12) Altus Engineering - Portsmouth, NH

13) Dubois & King - Nashua, NH

14) FST Engineers - Bedford, NH

15) Dufresne & Henry - Manchester, NH


Mr. Culbert suggested that Board members create an individual checklist of things they were looking for so that the comparison process would be easier.    





(Lynde/McNamara) To adjourn the meeting.   




(7 - 0 - 0) The motion carries. 


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:15 pm.


                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Charity A. L. Willis

                                                                                          Recording Secretary