Town of Pelham, NH

Pelham Conservation Commission

6 Village Green

Pelham, NH 03076



MEETING OF October 13, 2004                             Approved 11/10/04


Members Present                                                         Absent

Robert Yarmo, Chairman                                             Paul Dadak

Paul Gagnon                                                                 Amy Breault

Deborah Scott                                                             

Shirley Wakefield (Alternate)

Glennie Edwards (Alternate)



Chairman Yarmo brought the meeting to order at 7:35


Map 36/10-10-Public Hearing, Costa Property, Dutton Road, Acquisition of Land by the Conservation Commission

Chairman Yarmo thanked members of the Costa family who were in the audience for the opportunity to purchase approximately 36 ½ acres of land by the Conservation Commission.

The Presentation was made by member Paul Gagnon who states that all parties have signed a Purchase & Sales Agreement for $335,000.00.  This piece of land has 207’ of frontage on Dutton Road across from the Little Island Pond Conservation area.  There are other town owned properties nearby including one just to the west of this parcel, one near Blueberry Circle, the “Coffee Lots”, and Moose Pond which together form a wildlife corridor.  West Environmental Services furnished their findings, in which they noted that the Costa parcel includes 28% wetlands and 72% uplands.  It is a forested area with mixed timber.  Ducette Survey Company did a title search and will locate or place monumentation at the boundaries. If this parcel were to be developed it could support between 12 to 14 homes.  Mr. Gagnon went on to say that this parcel meets all the criteria on the Conservation’s checklist.  This would be the 3rd parcel of land acquired by the Conservation Commission in 2004.  A site walk was done in 2002 said Mr. Gagnon.


Bob Lamoreau, 28 Blueberry Circle expressed thanks to the Costa family for considering this sale to the town and states that it will save taxpayers money and has a negative impact on the town.


Members were in agreement that this is a prime piece of land for the town to purchase.

MOTION:  (Deborah Scott/Glennie Edwards) To go forward with this purchase and make presentation to the Board of Selectmen for a purchase price of $335,000.00 for approximately 36 ½ acres of land and that money to be taken from the Bond Fund.

VOTE:  5-0 in the affirmative.

Map 30/2-18, Craig & Pam Erickson, 27 South Shore Drive, Application for Minimum Dredge & Fill

Applicant proposes to construct a retaining wall within the 50’ setback from Little Island Pond for the purpose of erosion control.  Ms. Erickson has been in touch with DES and they came down and issued a shoreline waiver.


BACK TO BOARD:  No further discussion.

MOTION:  (Paul Gagnon/Glennie Edwards) to approve an expedited dredge and fill application.  VOTE:  4-0-1 to approve (Shirley Wakefield abstained)


Mr. Gagnon submitted a form that was given to him by Mr. Gaydos, Administrative Assistant, that the Conservation Commission consider when making a check request.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Meeting Minutes of 8/11/04 approved  (Bob Yarmo/Shirley Wakefield)  VOTE:  4-0-1  (Deborah Scott abstained)

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


Glennie M. Edwards

Recording Secretary