BOA Joint Site Walk minutes for January 21, 2012


 David Hennessey, Svetlana Paliy, Peter McNamara, Robert Molloy, Lance Ouellette, Planning Director/Zoning Administrator Jeff Gowan.

From the Conservation Committee: Lisa Loosigian, Karen Mackay, Glennie Edwards and Paul Gagnon

From Planning Dept. Paul Dadak


Case # ZO2011-00029     2nd site walk – Boutwell , Nathan G.

The Chairman David Hennessey called the meeting to order at approximately 10:10 am.

Mr. Hennessey began with an over view of what a site walk was and wanted to address the frontage and proposed road and existing driveway areas first.

Mr. Maynard started by giving an overview of the proposed plan.  He stated that the driveway area was the best suitable area for the road do to its existence. He noted the proximity to the pond and WCD to the left of the driveway. He made reference to the road frontage and that it would go through the areas of where the existing garage is.  He noted the garage would be disassembled and relocated.

Discussion between Mr. Maynard and Brenda Hobbs arose about the actual acreage and its accuracy.

Chris Payguin asked also about the accuracy of the lot size and its acreage. Mr. Maynard stated the lot was surveyed two years ago and stamp by a certified engineer. 

Mrs. Hobbs brought up the concern about the ponds/ Vernal Pools. And how turtles who lay their eggs in areas around the ponds.

Mr. Maynard addressed the Venal Pool areas and stated one area was classified as actual wetlands as outlined on the plan he was holding.

Shawn Hobbs asked the question about the surveying and what if it was incorrect? Who was to blame or took responsibility?

Mr. Maynard responded that he didn’t do the surveying and that it was done when the proposed High School was being looked at 2 years ago.  He stated that he company that did do the surveying was putting their license on the line when certifying a plan.


Paul Gagnon asked the question how much area collectively were wetlands and Mr. Maynard stated he did not have that figure.

Dan Frost an Abutter, made note of his “Dug” Well being very close to the lot line and driveway area and wanted to know who would be responsible for any damage that may occur during development? Mr. Hennessy responded that it would become a civil matter.

There was a general discussion about the ROW, road size and WCD impact.  Mr. Hennessey stated he would like some form of input from Conservation dept. regarding the WCD areas.

Brenda Hobbs stated that the actual ROW was in the pond areas and can a ROW be moved.  The answer was yes it can from Mr. Maynard and Jeff Gowan.

Shawn Hobbs asked about the relocation of the garage and where it would be. Mr. Maynard showed him by pointing to the area where it may go.


Mr. Hennessey asked if there were any more questions about the front and driveway area and if none then the group would move to the back of the property and look at the Venal Pool areas.


The group met that the first WCD site Which Mr. Hennessey pointed out, the area was right behind an abutter’s home, no questions were asked.

The Second site which was a Venal Pool as depicted on the proposed plan was a hike! Upon arriving the group took notice of all the tires in the pool.  Mr. Gagnon asked if they could be cleaned out.  Mr. Maynard responds that he thought the tires offered good breeding places for some species because of their design and how they hold eggs.

Mrs. Hobbs made note and pointed to the areas of where the turtles came across the property to lay their eggs by the pond.

Mr. Hennessey asked if there were any other questions, there were none. Mr. Hennessey informed the group that a neighbor was allowing us to walk through the property to get to Windham Rd.

Mr. Hennessey said that all of the question and concerns asked at this site walk could be brought up at the next meeting. He encouraged all to attend the next meeting.