BOA Site Walk Minutes for May 18th, 2013


Site Walk, Case #ZO2013-00016, Frank Candido






BOA Members: Dave Hennessey, Peter McNamara, Chris LaFrance, Pauline Guay, Lance Ouellette

Applicant: Frank Candido

Neighbors: Donna Cupp, Lisa Taylor, Joanne (abutting neighbor)


Mr. Candido started by stating that his intention was to store (2) lettered trucks, (2) trailers, (1) bobcat, and (1) unmarked black truck on the property.


Peter McNamara asked if any work was to be performed on the property.


Mr. Candido stated that no work would be done on the property all work is completed on the job site.


Peter McNamara asked if any mechanical work would be done on any of the trucks and or equipment.


Mr. Candido answered no


Pauline Guay asked what would happen with the piled trees located in the backyard


Mr. Candido stated that it would be cut up and used for firewood.


Pauline Guay asked if any more trees were to be cut on the property


Mr. Candido responded that no further trees would be removed as the property line ended at the wall

Peter McNamara asked if there would be any employee’s onsite


Mr. Candido responded no


Donna Cupp stated that she had no issues with the proposal


Lisa Taylor stated that she was unsure if the property line was accurate


Joanne (abutting neighbor) stated that she complained of the illegal dumping


Pauline Guay asked if the backyard was to remain as is


Mr. Candido stated that the entire backyard area would be cleaned up and leveled


Chris LaFrance asked if the proposed garage was to be immediately constructed


Mr. Candido responded no unless otherwise forced too


Dave Hennessey announced that if the special exception was to be granted that it would still need to go to the planning board for review


Mr. Candido mentioned that he is renting the property with intention to buy following 2 years of renting


Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:25