Policy Adopted by the Board of Selectmen 3/30/2004

Town of Pelham Board of Selectmen                     6 Village Green Pelham, NH 03076

Phone: 603-635-8233
FAX:   603-635-8274                                                                                                     

  • All websites under the domain are Official Town of Pelham, NH websites.
  • The is paid for by the Town of Pelham and is intended as a communications tool between the Town of Pelham and its residents.
  • The Pelham Board of Selectmen (BOS) is responsible for all content.
  • All sites located on the domain will carry the Town seal.
  • All Town employees, staff, elected officials and BOS appointed committee may request an individual email account on
  • The BOS may delegate root level administrative functions to a designated a webmaster.
  • Individual sub-webs located under the domain may be delegated to sub-webmasters as approved by the BOS or its designee.  A sub-webmaster may include department heads, department staff members or volunteers assisting in the administrative duties of the sub-web.
  • Currently authorized sub-webs include:
    • Assessing Department
    • Budget Committee
    • Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)
    • Pelham Master Plan
    • Planning Department, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Conservation Commission
    • PTV
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Selectmen
    • Skate Park Committee
    • Town Wide Technology Plan
    • Village Green Tree Fund
    • Mailing-List-Manager (MLM)
    • Town Warrant Articles (Historical purposes)
  • The Pelham Police Department has been approved by the BOS to operate 
  • The Pelham Fire Department has been approved by the BOS to operate
  • The BOS recognizes that many sub-webs were once located on the domain, and will provide a transition link for organizations to their new location on the web.  This link will be provided through April 1, 2005.
  • The home page is recognized as a single point of links for both official Town of Pelham websites as well as links to organizations in Pelham and sites of general interest to Pelham Residents.
  • The “Links to Organizations & Groups in Pelham” section of the home page will be permitted to carry links to recognized non-commercial organizations in Pelham. 
  • will not be permitted to contain any commercial businesses operating for profit, advertising, political organizations, or political positions for any local, state or federal issues.
  • Newspaper Links in which Pelham is in the coverage area are provided for reference.

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