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You have just entered the world of PTV; Pelham Community Television

PEG Television Access. PTV operates Channels 20, 21 and 22 in Pelham New Hampshire, with the cooperation of Adelphia Communications, Pelham's cable television provider.


Mission Statement

PTV is a PEG Access television station as such, its primary purpose is as a resource for the expression of FREE SPEECH.

The fulfillment of that primary purpose fosters the secondary purposes which are,




PTV is run by the Cable Television Department of the Town of Pelham under the authority of the Board of Selectmen which is the Franchising Authority. This authority was given to the Board of Selectmen by a vote of the Town Meeting, the enabling legislation for which is RSA.




PTV is funded by Franchise Fees, which are equal to 5% of Comcast Communication's gross annual revenue in the Town of Pelham. The cable TV subscribers in Pelham subsequently pay these fees. The amount subscribers pay is noted on the monthly Comcast billings under "local fees".


Cable TV Department


The Cable Television Department is the only self funded Department in the Town of Pelham. Not only does the Department and PTV run without the benefit of any property tax money, half of the 5% Franchise Fees, received, goes to the General Fund to offset taxes. The entire Department with the three PTV Channels is run on half of the 5% received.




Private citizens who use the equipment produce programming seen on PTV and/or the facilities of PTV get their programs broadcast. This usage is free of charge and on a first come first served basis. Training on the use of equipment is scheduled on a request basis. Arrangements for classes can be made with the Coordinator who can be reached during the workday at 635-8645, FAX 635-6966


PTV, its staff, employees and CTAC do not produce any programming. However, as private citizens outside of the scope of their appointed or employee status, these same people have the same rights as everyone else to use the resource of PTV to exercise their First Amendment Rights.


The Cable Department is a part-time Department, which relays on volunteers for many functions. The staff includes Jim Greenwood, Cable Coordinator, and Linda Doherty, Studio Production Assistant and assistant to the coordinator.




PTV Policies & Guidelines


Any questions, complaints, concerns or requests should be made to Jim Greenwood or Linda Doherty, at 635-8645, FAX 635-6966 or by E-mail to:



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